1. For Manufacturers and Dealers

For Manufacturers and Dealers

Expanding model ranges and appearing of electric cars present new challenges for automakers and dealers as ensuring sales success requires a new approach to clients. This is because it takes longer to explain to a customer the advantages of electric cars over traditional fuel vehicles. It also requires investment in staff training and equipping facilities with charging stations and accessories or upgrading existing ones.

Еремчук Алексей, Генеральный директор Electric Motors Club
“Multi-brand electric car showroom – Electric Motors Club – is a brand new retail format not only in Russia but also in the rest of the world. We were one of the first companies to realize the advantages of selling electric vehicles separately from diesel and gasoline ones as it is hard to motivate the sales department”,

Electric cars such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan, Fiat, and Kia are on display at Electric Motors Club. Our managers work exclusively with electric vehicles and possess the necessary expertise to professionally assist customers in choosing a car. Visitors and clients can compare several models, receive comprehensive information about the advantages of owning an electric car, and communicate with other owners of the club.

Key facts

  • First company in Russia and the CIS to sell and service electric cars
  • Multi-brand electric car showroom in a class A office building in the city center
  • Team of professionals that has worked with electric vehicles since 2013
  • Platform for organizing various events such as vehicle presentations, press conferences, club meetings, and partnership events
  • Club with more than 250 members
  • Information platform for promoting electric cars
Our goal is to be your strategic partner in developing electric vehicles in Russia and the CIS countries.

We are open for cooperation in different areas

Dealership agreement

This implies concluding a dealership contract for selling electric cars of your brand following all dealership standards of sales and after-sales service.

Agency agreement and commission agreement

We are willing to offer both new cars and used cars sales at our showroom under an agency/commission contract.

Marketing cooperation

We provide services in promoting electric vehicles and related products. This includes:

  • Market research and defining target audience of a brand
  • Product positioning and its promotion concept
  • Advertising placement
  • Marketing effectiveness evaluation
  • PR support


We are happy to provide assistance with:

  • Organizing electric car sales and after-sales service
  • Charging infrastructure development
  • Establishing cooperation with government agencies and non-profit organizations to promote electric vehicles

Installing charging stations

  • For personal use (country house, parking, etc.)
  • Public stations to expand the charging network

Contact Us

32 Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Building 1, Moscow, 121170 Russia

+7 (495) 777-71-24