Toyota launched carsharing-specified EV


Last week Toyota launched a new electric vehicle - extremely compact C+ Pod.

The little EV is more subtle than Smart Fortwo and it’s size is well-explained by its purpose. C+ Pod is designed specially for carsharing services. Being only 2.5 meters long and 1.29 meters wide, it’s an ideal choice for a short-term rent in huge cities.

The baby-Toyota is equipped with 13hp electric motor, powered by a 9,06 kWh battery pack. Thanks to its small size, the car may travel up to 150 km on a single charge. C+ Pod is designed to be as simple as possible - for instance, it’s side windows are not moving (instead, there are small window leafs), interior materials are cheap and durable.

At first, Toyota C+ Pod will be used only by carsharing services - fleet sales already started. Though, in 2022 it is going to be available for regular customers.


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