The Boring Company launched first loop in Las Vegas


Last week Elon Musk’s The Boring Company launched Las Vegas Convention Center Loop - its first passenger route under Las Vegas. That’s the tunnel where dozens of Tesla cars move passengers within a closed loop. 

Yet all Tesla shuttles are being driven by human drivers with 35 mph speed limit due to safety reasons. Though, quite soon all vehicles are expected to drive there on Autopilot, which should result an increased speed. 

The Boring Company spent less than 2 years on construction. The LVCC loop has quite high potential capacity - it uses 62 electric cars, enabling to move up to 4,400 people per hour. The Autopilot launch should result even higher capacity. The loop costed Las Vegas about $52.5m, which is about 4 times lower than the above-ground transportation system offered by Austria-based company. 

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