Tesla Semi is charging on Megacharger and work at Gigafactory 1



Each Tesla Semi’s public outing is a very special event. The highly anticipated electric truck, which is actually able to turn the hauling industry upside down, was introduced in 2017 and was delayed several times so far, still not making it to production.

Though, there is some evidence that Semi production launch may be quite near. A few days ago there were a few pics of Tesla Semi charging at the Megacharger by Tesla Gigafactory 1. The white truck seems to be one of the latest pre-production prototypes, and its appearance coincided with another important event of PepsiCo’s CEO visiting the Tesla Semi production line. As a reminder - PepsiCo placed one of the largest Semi orders back to the day the truck was unveiled.


Moreover, there is some evidence of Semi working for Tesla already. The truck does some cargo moving between the Gigafactory in Nevada and Tesla factory in California.

Images: https://twitter.com/SawyerMerritt

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