Tesla owners will get advanced Summon in 5-6 weeks

Vehicles will be able to find parking spots and be controlled as giant RC cars.

Summon feature became a part of Tesla Autopilot more than a year ago. It allows to control the car via the key fob or smartphone app while staying outside the vehicle - a perfect way to leave or enter tight parking spot or garage.

In the beginning of November Elon Musk tweeted that the Summon upgrade is scheduled for release in 5-6 weeks. The update is applicable for all Tesla cars with Autopilot HW 2.0+.

A smarter Summon should bring more autonomous opportunities on parking lots - especially, cars should be able to get to the point where you smartphone is located. Moreover, Autopilot is expected to search for free parking spots on its own, driving according to signs and lane markings. What is more, Musk promises that Tesla cars should be controlled via the phone app like RC cars when in line of sight.

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