Tesla Model Y received HEPA air filter with Bioweapon Defense mode



A few days ago The Kilowatts shared a tweet with pictures of the US-made Tesla Model Y Long Range with a Bioweapon Defense mode activated. The feature is available only with HEPA air filter installed and it’s exactly what has been launched at the Fremont Tesla factory recently. 

The filter Tesla previously installed only into its flagship Model S and Model X makes the cabin air amazingly clear - many tests and evaluations showed that with the Bioweapon Defense mode activated the filter protects occupants from more than 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air intaking. 


Earlier this year Tesla started to assemble Model Y crossovers equipped with HEPA filters in Chinese Gigafactory. And now, according to the picture The Kilowatts posted, now US-made Model Y’s are also being equipped with that.

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