Tesla Model Y prototype is approved for production

The prototype is greenlighted even before the public presentation.


Tesla made a claim about Model Y milestone while presenting Q3 financial results.

Several months ago Elon Musk stated that Model Y should become Tesla's priority right after they manage Model 3 production rate solid ramp up. It seems that we are getting closer to this day now - Musk approved for production Model Y prototype, that is still classified so far.

As you may remember, we faced the opposite with Model 3 - back to 2016 the alpha-version prototypes were unveiled at the public event, followed by a year-long fine tuning for production phase.

Nevertheless, Model Y launch is still scheduled on 2020. Today it is still a question where the car will be produced - a part of production volume is expected from Gigafactory 3 in China, however, those cars will be aimed for the local market.

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