Tesla Model S/X refresh unveiled: new interior, fantastic steering wheel, Plaid and Plaid+ trims


It has been a long time since Tesla refreshed its flagship vehicles. Though it seems to be worth waiting - the refresh is quite successful.

According to the configurator, first refreshed Model S/X deliveries are scheduled on March. 


So what’s new?


— New steering wheel - literally it’s not the wheel anymore. Tesla claims that such form factor brings absolutely new emotions from driving;

— Central screen. Now it has horizontal orientation like Model 3/Y. It has 2200x1300 resolution, and brighter colors;

— The driver’s dashboard is a 12.3 inch screen (a little smaller than before the refresh);

— Third screen is located between front seats for passengers in the rear;




Trims and specs

Flagship Tesla cars won’t have Performance trims anymore. Instead, it is replaced by Plaid and Plaid+ (available only for Model S). Long Range is still being the starting trim. 



Design and tech

Flagship Tesla vehicles do not have many exterior changes. More or less, we have already seen all of that when noticing Model S prototypes. The car’s body became a bit wider, the fronts fascia changed with a new bumper, the chrome is removed. 



Also, Model S/X got a heat pump for increased efficiency in cold climate, just like Model 3/Y. 

Finally, Tesla also claimed to equip Model S/X with upgraded battery packs, though there is no clear data yet. 

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