Tesla China is about to start Model 3 Performance production



Tesla continues to gain power in China. Recently Gigafactory Shanghai started to export local-made Model 3 to Europe, and now is preparing to launch Model Y production. However, it seems that not only Model Y is going to expand Tesla presence in China. 

This week Teslarati reported that Tesla filled an application to register Model 3 Performance to a Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As well, Tesla China had also registered R18 Aero and R19 Sport wheels designs, that were introduced a few weeks ago with Model 3 refresh. This could mean Gigafactory Shanghai to start producing refreshed Model 3 sedans soon. 

Probably, that in addition to Performance version, Gigafactory 3 would also produced Dual Motor AWD trim. So far all Model 3’s made in China were RWD. 

Considering Model 3 line expansion and coming Model Y production launch, Tesla may seriously grow in China throughout 2021. The automaker plans to produce 550,000 cars next year, with 300,000 of those being Model 3 and 250,000 - Model Y. And approximately one third of all Model 3 produced will be exported to Europe. 

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