Tesla achieved a new record in Q3 deliveries



A couple of days ago Tesla released its Q3 2021 delivery numbers. As it was actually expected, a significant increase of Chinese factory capacity (including exporting efforts) resulted a new deliveries record.

In Q3 241,300 Tesla vehicles were delivered to customers. In contrast, Q2 2021 (which held the record as well) ended up for 201,250 vehicles.

As well, Tesla made a leap forward in production capacity: in Q3 the company produced 237,823 cars, that is quite a lot more than last quarter’s 206,421.

Tesla Model S deliveries increase is yet another positive sign. In Q3 Tesla managed to deliver almost 9,000 refreshed Model S buyers, compared to 2,340 in Q2. That means Tesla is ramping up its refreshed flagship models production.

Now, accepting that Giga Berlin and Giga Texas are about to launch by the end of the year, there is a high chance for Tesla to hit 1 million deliveries throughout a year.

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