MINI will become an all-electric automaker in 2030



German magazine Spiegel reported that MINI is going to phase out gasoline and diesel engine in 2030. 

Such decision seems logical considering the British government plan to ban petrol and diesel cars sales from 2030. Other British automakers like Bentley and Jaguar are planning to switch to electric cars as well. 

However, MINI is not going for a rapid change. The automaker plans to unveil the last internal-combustion engine in 2025, being the last ICE MINI would use. By 2027 over than the half of MINI cars delivered should be all-electric. Finally, MINI is going to phase out ICE powertrains completely in 2030 in favor of electric cars. 

However, there is an issue MINI have to solve till the EV production ramp. It’s about driving performance - MINI’s traditional design ensures very special experience for a driver, making those British hatchbacks to feel like sportcars. However, electric drivetrain is quite different, and MINI’s future models may feel another way. 

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