Mercedes decided to develop new electric vehicles faster



German Manger Magazin released a report last week saying that Daimler is considering to introduce new electric platforms sooner than expected. Mostly, that’s about compact and affordable electric vehicles. 

Several months ago we reported that Mercedes-Benz shared its plans according new EV platforms. The automaker was about to launch two such platforms - the first one called EVA and intended for huge luxury vehicles, while another one MMA for compact cars was expected to be ready by 2025. 

And if you also are the one frustrated by such timing, check the latest news. Last week Daimler management finally revised the MMA launch timing. Affordable electric Mercedes cars based on the new architecture are going to enter the market sooner - in 2023-2024. 

Though, so far entry-level Mercedes models are based on old platforms - the same as of their ICE siblings. That’s how today’s EQA, EQB and EQC are built. So far there is only one EV Mercedes created from scratch on a new platform - that’s luxurious EQS sedan. 

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