Greenpeace survey showed VW dealers are not ready for EV sales



Recent Greenpeace study evaluated whether Volkswagen dealers in Germany are prepared to sell and promote automaker’s growing EV lineup. The results obtained may be negatively shocking. 

Greenpeace’s study involved secret shoppers, each with a suitable driving profile for the electric car use, being a great candidate for VW ID.3 purchase. In total they checked 50 VW dealerships in Germany, being separated into two groups: in first one secret shoppers were meant to choose between electric ID.3 and gas-powered Golf, while in the second one they had no preference over any model. 

In the first case only 7 of 25 dealers recommended ID.3 as the vehicle of choice. In another case it went even worse with only one dealer suggesting electric car to a potential buyer. 

On top of that, secret shoppers were asking dealers’ staff about some regular EV-related issues, like charging stations availability, possibility to charge at home, risk of fire compared to ICE cars and so on. In 48% of cases dealers made silly mistakes, and even referred to some myths about electric cars. 

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