First owners will take their Tesla Model S Plaid delivery at the special event on June 3


Tesla unveiled their refreshed flagship vehicles Model S and Model X in January. One of its major differences from previous models is a couple of new versions - Plaid and Plaid+ which are expected to be the most quickly-accelerating production vehicles ever.

At first it was planned that first refreshed Model S deliveries will happen in February. However, it’s May already and deliveries are not launched yet. Elon Musk claimed previously, that the delay happened because Tesla had to check the safety of new battery packs for Model S Plaid.

Finally, in the end of last week Musk announced a special delivery event for Model S Plaid owners. It is scheduled on June 3 at the Tesla factory in California. Pretty likewise event was held for first Tesla Model 3 deliveries several years ago.

Probably, the upcoming event will also bring some new details about Plaid trims. Stay tuned!

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