Elon Musk wants next-gen Roadster to hover



Considering Tesla Model S Plaid specs, new Roadster should have something more amazing than just incredible dynamics. And it seems that the special thing about next-gen sports car will be its ability to... fly. 

Well, at list that’s what Elon Musk told Joe Rogan during recent podcast. Tesla CEO claimed safety as #1 priority so far - Musk is thinking about Roadster hovering at 6 feet above the ground, so that driver would remain alive after the crash. 

Tesla is serious about putting some rocket technology into Roadster with optional SpaceX package. Such Roadster will lack rear seats with a high-pressure carbon overwrapped pressure vessel, and feature several thrusters. 

So far it may be be quite hard to imagine, though Elon Musk once again confirmed that Tesla is finishing the Roadster engineering and the production should start next year. 

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