Elon Musk confirmed refreshed Model S/X won’t have a regular steering wheel



When Tesla showed refreshed Model S/X for the first time there was one thing resulted an incredible amount of questions.  That’s, for sure, ‘yoke’ steering wheel. Even though such thing results a great view on instrument cluster, it is still a controversial item. 

Moreover, several Model S prototypes met on roads of California weeks before the production launch were featuring regular steering wheels. That evidence resulted rumors of yoke being optional while ordering a vehicle. 

However, during the Model S Plaid launch event a few weeks ago Elon Musk didn’t say a word about regular steering wheel, while talking about the yoke. Additionally, all refreshed Model S produced until now features yoke wheel. 

Finally, in the end of last week Elon Musk confirmed that refreshed Model S/X won’t be equipped with a traditional steering wheel even as an option. 

Even though Tesla’s yoke didn’t yet meet any kind of aggressive nagging, there still are several comments. For instance, some drivers are not sure if yoke would be effective to prevent sliding on slippy and icy roads, and others comment on lack of convenience while parking.  However, all such problems may be solved by Autopilot and driver’s assistants. 

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