Audi confirmed termination of ICE-powered vehicles in 2032



German automaker Audi named the timing of a total gasoline and diesel vehicles production termination - it’s going to happen in 2032. Additionally, Audi will stop developing new internal combustion engines in 2026. 

Audi also claimed that next generations of A3, A4, A5 and A6 models will be available with electric drivetrains only. However, those models with ICE drivetrains will be produced along with electric ones, though that would be the previous generation cars. As well, there is no information on A7 and A8 yet. 

By the way, the last ICE-powered Audi will be a huge and expensive SUV Q8. It’s about to debut in 2026, meaning that it’s life with ICE will be limited to 2032. 

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